Which California Freeways Have the Highest Accident Rates and Why

photo of a Car flipped over due to accident

When it comes to California’s freeways, they don’t just see traffic around rush hour, but instead on a much more fluid basis. There’s no wonder that the state’s freeways are a hotbed for car crashes. Among the places where a significant amount of accidents occur on a yearly basis, four hot spots stand out.

Of the different ones, there’s the 710 at the 60, also known as the East L.A. Interchange. That stretch of highway sees 7.2 collisions per mile per year. Then, there’s the 710 between the 105 and the 91 which has 5.8 collisions per mile per year. The convergence of the 60 and the 57 and the East L.A. Interchange have 6 and 6.6 crashed per mile annually, respectively.

Among the contributing factors leading these accidents to occur, human error is listed as being the primary cause. However, other factors such as traffic congestion, merging traffic, and the constant struggle for road space between the larger commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles play a role as well.

Also important to note is that Los Angeles has the US’s largest harbor. As a result, the 710, 60 and 5 roadways see more than 100,000 trucks traveling its fairways daily. The added traffic congestion leads truck drivers to operate their trucks more aggressively, which in turn causes them to cut off smaller vehicles driving in the truck’s blind spot resulting in accidents.

Because of this, it’s important that smaller cars employ defensive driving tactics when operating their vehicles on the roadways. At the same time, though, truck drivers should also be more cognizant of the times they are on the road and plan their driving times when there is as little traffic as possible.

To try to mitigate some of the risk drivers face when driving on freeways, state officials have initiated the construction of new on and off ramps for the eastbound 60 in some other danger zones. The project, slated to be finished in spring of 2017, is slated to cost $53 million. Additional federal funding is being requested to complete all necessary improvements and to maintain the existing infrastructure.

If you or someone you know has been injured as the result of a collision with a truck or commercial vehicle on one of California’s many freeways, a Vista, California traffic accident attorney can provide advice and guidance in your legal matter.

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