The Most Common Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Crashes

photo of a motorcycle crash

Operating a motorcycle is among one of the most dangerous ways of getting around town. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) puts it, operating a motorcycle not only requires more driver coordination, but significantly more skill to operate one as well.

If a biker becomes involved in an accident, motorcyclists lack basic protection to keep them injury-free. While wearing a helmet, goggles, gloves and other types of protective clothing or footwear can go a long ways in protecting a motorcyclist from some injuries, it can’t help prevent more critical injuries associated with more serious accidents.

Bikers being more aware of their surroundings and driving defensively can go a long way in terms of protecting a biker. Despite this, the NHTSA claims that more than 80 percent of motorcyclists involved in accidents either are injured or die as a result. Among the more common injuries associated with motorbike accidents are road rash, broken bones and head injuries.

Road rash occurs when a motorcyclist makes contact with the road’s surface in the course of an accident. There are three degrees of road rash, the worst of which is reflective of how inadequate a biker’s clothes are to protect him or her. Third degree road rash is the most severe as it not only takes off the skin, but exposes its underlying fat and tissue.

As for broken bones, some of the most common ones bikers suffer in accidents are to their legs, arms, wrists, pelvis and shoulders. This is because, unlike other modes of transportation, motorbikes require a driver to straddle it in order to keep it upright.

When an accident occurs, it’s not all that uncommon that a bike falls on its side. Not only do bikers injure their arms when attempting to break their falls, but break bones crushed by the bike in the course of the accident as well.

A lack of helmet use is documented by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as having the potential of contributing to as much as 35 percent of all motorcycle accident deaths. Those who survive endure traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Despite the benefits associated with helmet use, many states don’t have laws in place requiring motorcyclists to use them.

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