Common Serious Injuries in Freeway Accidents

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When traveling in a motor vehicle, the faster you’re going, the greater the risk for severe injuries. It should come as little surprise that freeway accidents often involve serious injuries. Vehicles traveling at top speeds have a hard time stopping quickly and add a lot of momentum to a crash. While vehicles are tested for safety after high speed crashes, injuries and fatalities can and do happen as a result of serious freeway accidents.

Certain injuries are more common than others in motor vehicle collisions. The five most common injuries from serious motor vehicle crashes are:

-leg and knee injuries

-neck injuries


-back injuries

-broken bones

Each of these conditions presents expenses and painful rehabilitation challenges.

Crash-related injuries can cost you for years

Damage to your legs and knees can take months to heal. You may need bones set or even surgery to recover from damage to your knees and legs. During that time, you may be unable to work, resulting in both major medical bills and no income to cover them. Neck and back injuries can range from pain requiring a brace to severe spinal injuries that permanently reduce mobility. It is not uncommon for people in severe accidents to partially or fully sever the spinal cord. When that happens, the victim may lose the ability to walk or, in cases of neck injuries, the ability to use his or her arms.

Concussions and head injuries are just as serious. Traumatic brain injuries and damage from swelling can change your ability to perform a job, your memory or even your personality. Brain injuries from concussions can cause permanent damage. Depending on the extent of the injuries, you could require care during recovery or even for the rest of your life.

By comparison, broken bones probably seem like minor injuries. In reality, you can lose a job and get evicted from your apartment in the time it takes a broken leg to heal. Not only will you need immediate and ongoing medical care to address a broken bone, your mobility and strength will be compromised during your healing period. Afterward, you will need physical therapy to regain full function of the affected limb. It’s easy to see how injuries from a freeway accident could easily change your life for the foreseeable future.

An attorney can help you after a serious crash

When someone else causes an accident that injures you, you may have legal options for compensation. The best way to explore your options is to speak with an experienced California personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the crash. A lawyer can offer a range of assistance, from reviewing settlement offers to filing a civil lawsuit if needed.