When and Where Pedestrian Accidents Are Most Apt to Occur

Man about to get run over by car

While going places by foot may allow you to get in that much needed exercise and fresh air, it can be a fairly unsafe option. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 70,000 pedestrians are injured each year. Of those, 4,000 lose their lives.

While only 11 percent of all individuals travel by foot, those who do are struck in at least 13 percent of car crashes. Among those collisions, most are caused by the pedestrian him or herself.

Days with pleasant weather, like sunny ones, are when 90 percent of all pedestrian accidents occur. This is believed to be the case because an increased number of individuals walk on those days.

Age also seems to have an impact on the rate of pedestrian accident. Those who are either under 15 years of age or over 65 are involved in at least 27 percent of all fatal car crashes. They’re injured in 34 percent of them. At least 66 percent of all pedestrian accidents occur along city streets.

Pedestrians either J-walking or otherwise crossing a roadway in an nondesignated crosswalk are at one of the highest risks of being injured. Walkers near parking lots or crossing when a motorist is making a left turn are also particularly vulnerable. This is because motorists may be too busy looking for parking or in watching for cars as they turn to notice pedestrians.

A study published by New York University’s Langone Medical Center also suggests that a pedestrian engaged in using their cellphone or texting gives way to 8 percent of all traffic accidents. Another significant portion of pedestrian injuries are caused by motorists or their passengers suddenly exiting their cars as well.

Hybrids, or other quiet cars, seem to impact a pedestrian’s ability to hear them coming and are thus have a 40 percent likelihood of colliding with them. Pedestrians walking at night have a 70 percent chance of being struck because of visibility issues. Finally, alcohol use among pedestrians accounts for at least 37 percent of all accidents. Intoxication among drivers, in comparison, accounts for only 13 percent of injury cases.

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Source: Safety Resource Center, “Why people get hit: Eight causes of pedestrian accidents,” Dana Henry, accessed Aug. 18, 2017