Livestreamed Fatal Crash Highlights Dangers of Distracted Driving

photo of a guy playing pokemon go while driving

Most everyone is susceptible to distraction while on the road. Whether it’s changing a radio station or talking to a passenger, distraction can be incredibly dangerous to you and everyone else on the road. Social media and cellphones can produce very powerful distractions that can result in crashes. Combine them with alcohol and you have the perfect recipe for a tragedy.

An 18-year-old woman in Merced County realized this the hard way at the end of July. She was live-posting her drive with her 14-year-old sister and a friend when the car crashed, killing her sister. In the wake of the accident, the details have many people wondering if this could have happened to their kids. The driver is facing criminal charges related to the death and allegations of intoxicated driving.

Snapchat, social media encourage poor decision making

Believe it or not, Snapchat has special filters that show people how fast you’re traveling during an update. Instagram and Facebook allow users to upload live videos, sometimes of people doing dangerous or illegal things for shock value and views. Teenagers and college aged students may be particularly susceptible to the idea that social media attention is worth any risk.

The young woman driving in this case was live on Instagram prior to, during and after the crash. Horrified followers watched her over-correct and flip the vehicle and then saw her with her sister’s body after the crash. In this situation, her decision to drive while distracted and potentially chemically altered ended her sister’s life and will likely have serious consequences for her as well. Many times when these crashes happen, people in another vehicle end up paying a high price, too.

Drunk driving and distracted driving put others at risk

Any time someone decides to drive while intoxicated or impaired, or engages in distracted driving, they put the lives of others at risk. The accidents that can result from distracted driving cases can leave a family grieving or result in serious injuries and permanent disability. Those who choose to drive in a dangerous or neglectful manner should pay the price, both in terms of criminal consequences and compensation to anyone injured as a result.

Many wrongful death and personal injury cases involve distracted or impaired drivers. These people often think they are the only ones they’re endangering with their decisions, until they hurt or even kill someone else. Medical bills associated with a serious car wreck can be staggering, as can ongoing care for those who develop permanent disabilities, like traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries. Seeking compensation from someone whose negligence or distraction directly impacted your life is one way of holding that person accountable.