Pedestrian Accidents Are up by 11 Percent in Recent Years

Man about to get run over by car

A new report, published by the Governors Highway Safety Association, suggests that pedestrians are at even higher risk now for injuries than they ever were previously. In fact, they report that just last year alone, the rate of pedestrian fatalities went up by at least 11 percent from the previous year. It’s believed that alcohol consumption and the use of cellphones is at least partially responsible for a large number of these deaths.

The report shows that walking at night poses a significant risk to pedestrians as well. It’s at night when at least 74 percent of all pedestrians are fatally struck by cars.

One probable reason this occurs is because of pedestrian intoxication. Study researchers found that at least 34 percent of those pedestrians killed had been drinking alcohol immediately prior to their deaths.

Another critical factor is cellphone use, both among motorists and the pedestrians themselves.

A lack of visibility of pedestrians can also contribute to their deaths. This is one of the reasons many public service campaigns in recent years have been focused on convincing pedestrians to wear reflective clothing. Other efforts have been aimed at getting cities to invest in new walking signals and/or better street lighting to ensure motorists can see them as well.

Among United States cities with the highest pedestrian fatality rates, there are Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. In these cities, residents often don’t have cars or walk significant distances because it’s cost prohibitive to continue moving their cars.

In cases in which someone is struck by a car, it almost always results in their death. A Vista, California, pedestrian accident attorney can advise you of your right to demand reimbursement of funeral costs, loss of future wages and other expenses in your case.

Source: Newsweek, “U.S. pedestrians killed in traffic accidents up by 11 percent in one year: Report,” Eleanor Ross, accessed Sep. 29, 2017