Why It Is That Fatal Bike Accidents Are Increasing in the U.S.

photo of a guy hurt due to Bicycle accident

The incidence rate of fatal bike crashes is reportedly increasing across the United States. It’s believed that bicyclists being forced to share the road with vehicles has something to do with that.

A researcher with State Farm Insurance notes that there’s been a shift in the profile of the average bike accident victim in the past several years. While teens and children used to be those most often injured in accidents involving cars and bikes, now the average victim is around 45.

Despite the shift in the age of the victims, the reason that bikers are being struck by vehicles remains the same. Motorists are reportedly still having difficulty spotting bicyclists. It’s because of this that safety experts continue to urge those who ride bikes to always follow road rules and to remain cognizant of their surroundings.

Among the different rules of the road that bikers can benefit from most, safety experts note that riding along with traffic as opposed to against it should be number one. Another important rule the experts argue should also be followed is for bikers to make sure to obey all traffic signs or signals. Finally, they emphasize that it’s important for bikers to yield to other motorists when moving from one lane to another.

If these three simple road rules were heeded, experts argue that bike crash rates would significantly decrease. They, however, also emphasize the importance of bikers being more vigilant at certain times of the day. That’s because a Governors Highway Safety Association study has shown that the risk of fatal bike accidents increases significantly during evening hours, or 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., when visibility is poor.

Alcohol consumption is thought to be to blame for at least 37 percent of all bike-car crashes. A lack of helmet use is believed to contribute to many unnecessary injuries and fatalities as well.

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