Minor Injury Victims Must Fight Hard for Injury Compensation

personal injury law photo

Most people know that in the case of a serious crash, insurance companies attempt to negotiate and settle for a fair amount of money. They generally cover all medical bills as well as other financial losses. Those who struggle with insurance companies and the claims process may actually be those who suffer less serious injuries. Even if a crash isn’t your fault, a minor injury is harder to claim for.

Why it is harder to claim for these injuries? It comes down to being able to prove the severity of an injury. When there is no visible injury, the insurance company has to take the word of a medical provider. Even if there is some evidence of an injury, the company may think it’s worth less than what the individual faces in medical bills.

What should you do if you receive a bad offer?

While it’s possible that you’ll negotiate and get what you want from the insurance company, it’s also possible that it won’t settle for a fair amount. In that case, it’s your right to take the case to court. While this process is longer and costly, it’s worth holding an insurance company responsible for the full amount it should award you for your injuries and lost wages.

You’ll know it’s an appropriate time to take a personal injury case to court if there is no way to cover your expenses with a settlement despite negotiations. For example, if you have $15,000 in medical bills caused by another driver, then that driver’s insurance should cover those bills and any other financial expenses accrued due to the crash. If it only offers you $3,000, then it is worth negotiating or taking the case to trial if that doesn’t work.

Even with minor injuries, bills grow quickly. It’s your right to receive compensation to cover your costs and financial losses.