Where Are San Diego’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

photo of a Car flipped over due to accident

A recent accident at the intersection of College and University injured six people, two of them critically. Intersections are dangerous due to a high volume of vehicles at once and possible confusion that can occur at street lights or stop signs. The City of San Diego has collected a list of San Diego’s most dangerous intersections to look out for, since these are where most of the city’s accidents have occurred.

San Diego’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Circulate San Diego named 15 of the most dangerous intersections in early 2018 due to the number of traffic accidents in these areas. Circulate San Diego is an organization consisting of advocates for pedestrian and driver safety, and their goal is to make several safety improvements at all of these dangerous intersections. The list includes:

  1. University Avenue & 52nd Street
  2. 6th Avenue & Broadway
  3. El Cajon Boulevard & 36th Street
  4. 4th Avenue & B Street
  5. Coronado Avenue (SB) & Thermal Avenue
  6. 5th Avenue & B Street
  7. Euclid Avenue & Naranja Street
  8. Broadway & 5th Avenue
  9. 10th Avenue & A Street
  10. 4th Avenue & Market Street
  11. Front Street & Ash Street
  12. University Avenue & 4th Avenue
  13. 11th Avenue & Broadway
  14. Market Street & 6th Avenue
  15. El Cajon Boulevard & 33rd Street

If you have been injured at one of these dangerous intersections in San Diego, or at any other street or freeway in the city, you should first contact a car accident law firm that can guide you to your next legal steps and can possibly help you seek compensation for your injuries. Contact the Traffic Accident Law Center in San Diego or Vista, California to speak with one of our accomplished San Diego trial lawyers during your free consultation.