Could My Pre-Existing Condition Hurt My Car Accident Case?

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If you have a pre-existing condition and then get into a car accident, it is imperative that you seek medical attention right away for health and insurance claim reasons. Even if you do not have immediate symptoms, there are plenty of delayed accident symptoms, such as a headache or abdominal pain, that could signify serious injuries. Waiting to see a medical professional gives injuries time to get worse.

In addition, if you wait to see a doctor, insurance companies could argue that your injuries are not a direct result of the accident because you did not seek medical attention right after the accident. Insurance companies could claim your injuries are a direct result of something else. This is especially true for people with pre-existing injuries. Insurance companies will try to deny your claim or minimize your compensation because of your pre-existing condition.

However, you could have a viable claim for recovering compensation if you can prove that the accident worsened your pre-existing condition and your injuries would not have happened if it were not for the negligence of another driver. For instance, did the accident cause new symptoms you were not experiencing before? Has your pre-existing pain increased to the point that you cannot complete daily tasks?

If possible, you should speak with a medical professional that has prior knowledge and familiarity with your pre-existing condition. This way, they may be able to provide assurance and explain that the car accident did exacerbate your pre-existing injuries.

The insurance company will do what they can to minimize or deny your claim. You should have an attorney on your side to advocate for you. If you are worried about how a pre-existing condition could affect your car accident claim, contact the car accident attorneys at Traffic Accident Law Center. Our attorneys help clients maneuver through the claims process, build evidence and fight for compensation. Call us at (760)798-7000 to schedule a free consultation.