What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in California

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It is common knowledge that the risk of being in an accident is much higher for motorcyclists. This is true in California and across the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), more than 80,000 motorcyclists on average suffer injuries each year while riding. In addition to the risk of being involved in an accident, motorcyclists are also far more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. Motorcyclists have almost no protection from the impact forces caused by a collision with other objects or vehicles.

Some motorcycle injuries can leave riders and their families with millions of dollars in medical expenses and lost income over the course of a lifetime. Accident survivors with these injuries also experience pain and suffering that causes a loss of enjoyment in life. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury during a motorcycle accident, then it is crucial to speak with an attorney about your possible legal options.

Common and Serious Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Common motorcycle accident injuries where it is advisable to seek the help of an attorney include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle accidents may cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) even if riders are wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the crash. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of a fatal brain injury, but cannot protect against concussions caused by whiplash. Serious brain injuries may lead to permanent disability. Depending on the area of the brain affected and the extent of the damage, riders may experience difficulty speaking and understanding language, coordination issues, cognitive problems as well as deficits in executive function and memory.
  • Spinal cord injuries. This injury occurs when the vertebral column suffers damage. Spinal cord injuries, depending on where they occur and the extent of the damage, can lead to partial or total paralysis below the injury site. In addition to being capable of causing pain and suffering, spinal cord injuries are notoriously expensive. For a young person with a complete C1 spinal cord injury and tetraplegia, the lifetime costs can be in the millions of dollars.
  • Burn injuries. Motorcycles and other vehicles run on flammable liquids and materials. Collisions may spark fires that cause severe burns to riders. Burn injuries have varying levels of severity, with third-degree burns being among the highest. Third-degree burns reach deep into soft tissue and can lead to permanent disfigurement. Doctors may need to amputate limbs in cases where severe burn injuries lead to other major health problems.
  • Crush injuries. Motorcyclists have almost no protection from impact forces, so it is no surprise that crush injuries are a serious and common type of motorcycle accident injury. Crush injuries can lead to broken bones and amputations. Motorcyclists with crush injuries can also experience a loss of function in the affected limbs. Finally, crush injuries may cause internal bleeding, which may lead to other life-threatening or debilitating health conditions.
  • Road rash. This type of injury can occur when motorcyclists hit and slide off of the ground. Road rash causes damage to soft tissue and can also damage nerves. In some cases, road rash may trigger infections that cause other health issues. Serious infections may require doctors to amputate the affected limbs.

Do I Need a San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You should not depend on an at-fault driver’s insurance provider to compensate you in full for your damages. Insurance companies are in business to make money. Depending on the circumstances, an insurance carrier may claim you are partially at fault for the accident to keep you from recovering full compensation for your damages. It is also possible the insurance carrier will deny your claim.

An attorney can help negotiate a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier and can help with filing a lawsuit if necessary. By using accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts and personal experience, a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can give you a better chance of recovering the resources you need to pay for your damages. In addition, a motorcycle accident lawyer can represent you during a jury trial.

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