Our San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers Convenience

At the Traffic Accident Law Center, our San Diego personal injury lawyers respect your time. We try to make hiring us as convenient for you as possible. If you are researching hiring a personal injury lawyer for your car accident case, we provide links to our reviews, client testimonials and awards so that you can easily gather information. We also provide a link to our Super Lawyers post concerning what to consider when hiring an injury attorney.

We provide an initial evaluation of each prospective client’s claims and discuss options concerning how to recover from injuries and how to proceed with a claim. These initial evaluations are without any cost, fee or obligation. It is easy to get to us. We have several offices throughout San Diego County and we are expanding. In addition, we commonly go to hospitals to meet with clients who are hospitalized due to their injuries.

Lastly, we can provide all of the necessary forms to start a client’s representation via email or through a secure portal. As a result, clients who do not wish come to our offices do not have to. This is convenient for military personnel, for people who do not live in the San Diego area and for those who have responsibilities during the day that prevent them from coming to meet with us.