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Gnau & Tamez Law Group, LLP Helping to Feed the Hungry in San Diego

Photo of Steven Gnau with the President of San Diego Food Bank

You can help your community flourish and grow by assisting those who are less fortunate. Here at Gnau & Tamez Law Group, LLC, we believe in helping people who are injured get the compensation they deserve, but that is not the only way we strive to help our community. There are thousands in San Diego… continue reading.

Could These California Laws Affect Your Auto Accident Case?

Rolled over Truck

If you have been in an auto accident, understanding these California laws early could protect you from problems later. Pure Comparative Fault California recognizes the pure comparative fault rule of accident liability. Unless an involved party is understood as 100 percent at fault, California will recognize a shared level of liability among parties until proven… continue reading.

Where Are San Diego’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

Car flipped over

A recent accident at the intersection of College and University injured six people, two of them critically. Intersections are dangerous due to a high volume of vehicles at once and possible confusion that can occur at street lights or stop signs. The City of San Diego has collected a list of San Diego’s most dangerous… continue reading.

Should You Depend on Autonomous Safety Features in Cars?

car accident

The short answer is no. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) issued a warning after testing five semi-autonomous systems in Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo vehicles. IIHS engineers tested each vehicle’s adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and lane-centering systems in a controlled track environment and on public roads. Driver assist technology has been found… continue reading.

How Do Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents Usually Occur?

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A multi-vehicle car accident, which is also known as a pileup, can occur during busy traffic times on the highway. These accidents happen when two or more cars crash into each other in a chain of rear-end accidents. These happen because of the force of the first crash rear ending the second to last car,… continue reading.

Do You Know What You’re Signing in an Insurance Settlement?

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When it comes to an auto accident, many people rely on an insurance settlement to help them shoulder the burden of damages. This is especially true when the other driver does not have enough insurance to cover the damages caused in an accident. However, this reliance also comes with a false sense of security that… continue reading.

How Can Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Lead to a Car Accident?

back of car that is smashed

If you drive regularly during the week, you have probably driven too aggressively on occasion or experienced road rage yourself. However, some drivers can be considered regular aggressive drivers who experience road rage frequently. These drivers can be a danger to other motorists on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),… continue reading.

3 Critical Types of Distracted Driving

pokemon go while driving

You see driver distraction daily. Maybe it’s the Uber driver trying to type a new address into his phone. Maybe it’s the teen driver trying to text her friends on the way to the movies. Maybe it’s the parent with three kids in the back seat, looking back to talk to them or hand out… continue reading.

Underride Accidents One of Many Risks from Commercial Trucks

big truck driving on road

Most people on the road already understand that commercial trucks can be dangerous. They have massive blind spots and difficulty stopping quickly. Their drivers have to complete more education and face more legal restrictions on driving, but they are still humans who make mistakes. Understanding the risk posed by commercial trucks allows you to be more… continue reading.

3 Tips to Help You Win an Accident Claim

car accident

Imagine driving through Miramar along your normal commute to work. Your morning is following its standard pattern. You picked up coffee and a bagel from your favorite cafe and you are pretty sure the cars around you are the same ones that you share your commute with every day. Unfortunately, your plan for a nice… continue reading.

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