Our San Diego Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Can Help You Hold Commercial Vehicle Companies Liable

Photo of a Commercial Truck Accident With a CarAt the Traffic Accident Law Center, we are here to help you after an accident with a commercial vehicle. Our San Diego commercial vehicle accident lawyer represents victims and their families who have been injured in crashes with commercial vehicles.

We handle personal injury claims after accidents with all types of commercial vehicles, including:

  • Delivery trucks, including UPS and FedEx
  • Garbage trucks
  • Work vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Uber and Lyft vehicles


Drivers of these vehicles need to follow safety regulations and adhere to specific company policies. Violations can include operating a commercial vehicle over regulated hours of service or a delivery truck speeding to get to the next stop to stay on track with logistical patterns and requirements. After an accident with one of these vehicles, we will investigate to determine if any safety violations occurred or if improper vehicle maintenance contributed to the crash.

Companies can be held liable for accidents when their vehicles are being used or when their employees are working or using company vehicles. We will review the company’s insurance policy and see what options are available to help you recover compensation to help pay for your injuries and other damages.

It is important to work with experienced and qualified attorneys after an accident with a commercial vehicle because we are not just pursuing legal action against a single driver. Instead, we will be dealing with a company and its insurer. We know how to negotiate with commercial liability insurance adjusters and what to do when negotiation is not in your best interests.

We are known as aggressive personal injury trial lawyers who always put the needs of our clients first. This means we will diligently prepare your case for trial to find the best settlement or to hold the driver and company liable in court.


Injured in an accident while using Uber or Lyft? Contact us. We will protect your rights and help you file a claim or pursue a lawsuit to help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Uber and Lyft claims are complex. You may be able to file a lawsuit against your driver along with a claim against the other driver involved in the accident depending on the specific facts in your case.

The insurance issues need to be handled by experienced personal injury lawyers to ensure that you are being treated fairly. We have extensive experience and a track record of success representing victims in car accidents because we fight every step of the way.


Do not wait to contact us after an accident. We will help you find the medical attention you need and explain your legal options. Call us at (619) 882-1111 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.