A San Diego Freeway Accident Attorney From Our Firm Can Help Victims Of Freeway Accidents

Photo of a Busy Freeway

Freeway accidents are common in the San Diego and Vista areas. The risk for suffering severe or fatal injuries is high in an accident on the freeway. At the Traffic Accident Law Center, San Diego freeway accident attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex issues involved in these personal injury cases.

We represent clients injured or family members with loved ones killed in freeway accidents involving all freeways in San Diego and Vista, including:

  • Interstate 5
  • Interstate 8
  • Interstate 15
  • Highway 52
  • Highway 54
  • Highway 56
  • Highway 67
  • Highway 75
  • Highway 78
  • Highway 125
  • Highway 163
  • Interstate 805
  • Highway 905

We will help you after an accident, regardless of which freeway or highway you have been involved in an accident on.


Our lawyers will diligently prepare for your case. We are always prepared to take your case to trial and insurance companies and other attorneys understand this. Our preparation in these cases includes determining where exactly the accident happened and what factors contributed to the crash. We frequently analyze the road and vehicles. We also work with top experts to determine the nature and extent of your injuries, the contributing factors in the accident and any other relevant information in your case.

We will visit you to discuss your legal options and to get started on filing a claim. We will learn about your case and help you understand what action you can take to help you and your family recover after an accident. Learn more about how convenient we are to work with by visiting the our convenience page.


We know you need to focus on getting better, and we do not want to overwhelm you with extensive legal information you will have a hard time remembering. That is why we provide all of our forms by email or a secure online portal for you to complete at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Our San Diego office is located near the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway 163. Our Vista office is conveniently located right off of Highway 78. Call us at (619) 882-1111 to schedule a free consultation or contact us online.