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Why It Is That Fatal Bike Accidents Are Increasing in the U.S.

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The incidence rate of fatal bike crashes is reportedly increasing across the United States. It’s believed that bicyclists being forced to share the road with vehicles has something to do with that. A researcher with State Farm Insurance notes that there’s been a shift in the profile of the average bike accident victim in the… continue reading.

Risk Factors for Fatal Bicycle Accidents

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) most recent statistics from 2013, at least 900 bicyclists lost their lives and over 494,000 suffered bicycle-related injuries that year. Their data from 2010 suggests that the resulting loss of productivity and medical costs associated with that level of catastrophic injury equates to approximately $10… continue reading.

California State Law As It Applies to Bicyclists


If you are a bicyclist in California, then you not only bear many of the same responsibilities, but also enjoy some of the same rights as drivers of any other motor vehicle. That being said, there are some very basic rules you must adhere to in order to keep both yourself and others safe when… continue reading.

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