Have You Been Bitten By a Dog?

Our San Diego Dog Bite Attorney Explains Your Legal Options

Dog bites are dangerous because they can cause personal injury and subject the victim to any number of diseases and infections. Moreover, the injuries often result in stitches and skin grafts causing permanent scarring. While some people don’t take dog bites seriously, the dog bite lawyers at Traffic Accident Law Center know better. For years, we have represented victims suffering from injuries, and our San Diego dog bite attorney understand the challenges and mental anguish dog bite victims suffer.Photo of Dogs Fighting Which Could Lead to and Animal Attack

It’s important to note that as a victim of a dog bite, you have legal rights both under criminal and civil laws, to receive compensation for your injuries and justice under the law. The city of San Diego and county of San Diego have different laws governing dog bites, as does the state of California. You need qualified personal injury attorneys who possess a sophisticated understanding of the law to represent you and aggressively fight for the damages you deserve.

Why Do I Need a San Diego Dog Bite Attorney?

Dog bites can lead to serious harm, and you may be entitled to a cash recovery or financial judgment for the following:

  • Medical treatment – such as first aid, emergency room, hospital visits and ambulance transportation
  • Future medical treatment for any scars or broken bones
  • Psychological counseling – for emotional trauma, fear of dogs, fear of being outdoors and dealing with your disfigurement
  • Loss of earnings from work
  • Torn clothing, broken glasses or other damage to your property
  • Medications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future disability

Who Can Be Liable in a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Below is an example of a case a San Diego dog bite attorney from our firm handled:

A woman was working as a nurse taking care of a woman who had a well behave guide dog. Unfortunately, the dog bit our client’s inner thigh. At first, our client believed she didn’t have a claim against the owner, however, our skilled attorneys were able to discover a homeowner’s policy that covered the incident. The case settle and our client benefited from the decision.

Dog Bites can cause various physical, mental and emotional injuries, and not just to the person bitten. A member of the immediate family might be suffering from emotional distress as a result of seeing the victim getting mauled, which could be the basis of a “bystander claim.” Only a skilled attorney who understands the law, has years of experience and a successful track record can help you through this process.

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