Our San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Common Laceration Injuries

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At the Traffic Accident Law Center, you can find an experienced San Diego auto accident lawyer to help you understand your situation after a car crash. For people suffering laceration injuries, this can be a valuable service. Lacerations are cuts and abrasions. Often cuts can be stitched or glued together in the Emergency Department. With abrasions, the area may need to be debrided, cleaned, and bandaged. Very bad abrasions can require a skin graft. However, after the injury heals, the victim can be left with a scar, and they may need help setting things right. There are different types of scars:ambulance driving fast

  • Atrophic – a scar that is depressed, serrated or flat against the upper layer of skin. This can also be called hyperpigmentation where there is skin discoloration.
  • Hypertrophic – a scar that is raised above the surrounding skin surface. By definition, hypertrophic scars only form on the area of the injury.
  • Keloid – a scar that is over grown as a result of the healing process going too far. These scars can be raised out past the boundaries of a hypertrophic scar and can be significantly discolored and even variegated.
  • Contractures – often resulting from burned skin at a joint or crease, these scars are tightened skin that inhibit movement. When deep, these scars can affect underlying nerves.
  • Acne – as the name implies, these scars from acne pimples. These scars can include ice pick scars and boxcar scars.

Scar injuries from lacerations and burns can result from motor vehicle collisions. They can also be treated. We have seen clients benefiting from silicone sheets, steroid treatments, and surgical revision. It can be difficult, complex, and highly personal to value scars in injury cases. Nonetheless, we do it regularly. If you sustained cuts, bruising, or scars as a result of injuries from a motor vehicle accident, then please contact a San Diego auto accident lawyer at our firm to discuss your options.