Were You Injured on Public or Private Property?

Our San Diego Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help Identify if a Party Was Negligent

Photo of a Lady Who Needs a San Diego Premises Liability Lawyer After a Slip and Fall AccidentWe have the right San Diego premises liability lawyer for you. The personal injury attorneys at the Traffic Accident Law Center represent people in premises liability claims regularly and frequently obtain high-dollar results. Premises liability cases involve accidents that happen due to negligence, poor maintenance or unsafe/dangerous conditions on property owned by someone other than the accident victim. A premises liability accident can occur at any number of places, such as stores, restaurants, food courts, places of business, private homes, and common areas like sidewalks, elevators, and stairs.

At the Gnau & Tamez Law Group LLP, our premises liability attorneys have handled many types of cases. Our San Diego premises liability attorneys can help with:

  • Slip and Fall – such as supermarkets failing to properly mop and warn of a wet floor resulting in a customer being injured by a fall.
  • Inadequate Maintenance – for example, when a landowner fails to maintain their premises.
  • Defective Conditions – such as a store owner failing to repair a damaged area or offer proper warnings.
  • Inadequate Security – for example, when a parking structure company fails to install adequate lighting, leading to a harmful situation.

What Does a Premises Liability Lawyer Do?

Our client was walking near La Jolla with some friends when she tripped on an uneven sidewalk. The sidewalk had been uprooted by neighboring trees and our client sustained facial fractures including a broken nose. After litigation against the homeowners and the City, the case settled and our client received a favorable outcome.

Another client was eating in a food court with a tiled floor. When he got up to walk over to the condiment stand, his feet shot out from underneath him due to the floor being wet and soapy. A janitor had just mopped the floor but failed to follow the food court’s safety policies and procedures, which cause the client’s fall. The client sustained serious injury to his lumbar spine requiring surgery but he did not have any health insurance and could not afford the treatment. After engaging in litigation, the food court took responsibility for our client’s injury provided him with compensation for his loss of income, his medical bills, his future medical treatment including the surgery, as well as other damages he incurred.

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