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Photo of a Railroad Crossing Flashing Lights to Avoid a Railroad AccidentIn our modern times, accidents involving railroads may seem antiquated. However, train wrecks still occur and injuries involving the trolley systems throughout our county happen commonly. If you’ve been injured in a rail accident, you need an experienced San Diego railroad accident attorney like Daniel Tamez. At the Traffic Accident Law Center, our lawyers have the resources and knowledge to help those who have been the victim of a train or trolley accident that has led to severe injuries or wrongful death.

Our experienced legal team is both knowledgeable and skilled in state and federal laws governing railroad accidents, including The Federal Employers Liability Act ( FELA), the Federal Safety Appliance Act and the Boiler Inspection Act. Whether you are an employee in a rail yard or railroad related company, or if you’ve been injured as a customer, we can help you get the damages you deserve.

What Can Cause a Train Accident?

Operators of trains and rails are expected to have standards that prevent derailments. Unfortunately, train accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. In addition, multiple parties may argue about who is at fault. For this reason, it can be helpful to know some common errors that can cause a train accident. Our San Diego train accident attorneys can investigate to see if any of the following contributed to your injury:

  • Positive Train Control (PTC): PTC is a welcome form of emerging technology that can prevent train crashes. In general, PTC has the ability to stop or slow trains automatically. However, not every train operator has a PTC system in place.
  • Signage: Train or rail tracks are meant to be clearly Signs are used to prepare for sharp turns, poor lighting or other conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes signage is not accurate. As a result, a serious accident can occur.
  • Distraction or Fatigue: Fatigue driving can sometimes be more dangerous than drunk driving. A fatigued metro light rail operator can easily cause a serious accident. In addition, it should be no surprise that distracted driving contributes to accidents.  Distracted driving is common with car accidents and other common unfortunate situations. However, pedestrians are distracted too.
  • Railroad Condition: Railroads and light rail tracks are required to stay in working condition. If you have been involving in a train or rail accident, investigate the track conditions.

Our San Diego railroad accident attorneys aggressively represent our clients. We work with people in and out of San Diego who may have a claim due to their injuries. Trains and railways involve literally tons of iron, steel, wood and other materials and can be a breeding ground for the kinds of severe injuries that seriously damage a person’s life. We represent people who are out of work due to railroad injuries, as well as those injured on the job.

Railroad injuries include back injuries, broken bones and limbs, damaged lungs from working conditions, neck injuries and more. These railroad injuries can also lead to wrongful death if they involve heavy equipment, moving trains and other dangerous situations. Other injuries include hearing loss, slip and fall injuries, toxic chemical burns and more.

How Can Our San Diego Railroad Accident Attorney Help?

These railroad injuries often occur due to negligence or defective parts. Our investigation can discover exactly the cause of your injuries, as well as the parties liable for your damages.

At the Traffic Accident Law Center, our lawyers give each client’s case their attention, assuring you of the highest quality possible legal representation. If you suffered a rail injury anywhere, contact the Traffic Accident Law Center today for your free initial consultation.